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Hervé Brunelle

manufacturing traditional shoe lasts and custom-made shoe trees for shoes, ankle boots and boots in Troësnes, Aisne, .

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Discover my job


shoe last

only made by turning beech and charm wood.

Custom made creations

shoe lasts creation
by wood turning.


instep change for woman, aesthetic improvements.


meticulous achievements with
stylists and prototypists.


Travel shoe trees

for shoes, boots, work-boots and long boots.


maintains the shoe, guaranteeing its longevity and its aesthetics.


production with wrist or ring in polished / chrome-plated brass.


at the customer's choice, made with water-soluble waxes.

History and knowledge

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perpetuate a traditional knowledge, sublimate the shoe by working with wood.


  • It was after 20 years of experience in shoemaking, shoe repairs, foot orthosis, riding boots and luxury boots that I decided to specialise in the production of the shoe last and boot tree production.

Awards / Labels

  • Prix Départemental de la Société d'Encouragement aux Métiers d'Art awarded in 2005. I was also awarded the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant since 2007, beeing the last traditionnal French trees and shoes shaper.


  • Since 2011, I have provided Chistophe Varraud with support in his set-up plan. Working in close collaboration, we complement each other in our activities.
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