what is a shoe last ?

The shoe last means that the final footwear must be made by a professional cobbler-bootmaker or pedorthist and, for technical reasons, I do not produce metal-tipped shoes.

creating a shoe last

The creation of a shoe last is not limited to aesthetics or the footwear in question. It must also be suitable for proportionate limbs and volumes that will meet a particular requirement.


. The development of the footwear remains THE delicate aspect of custom-made footwear. There are procedures to ensure that this footwear retains its form, while at the same time modifying its aesthetic. This will be done in concert with the bootmaker to find the best solution.

listening to stylists and prototypists

In response to the demands of stylists and prototypists, my range will guide the choice of shoe last towards a solution that is best-suited to the final product.

Instep change woman

Instep Change

For the female foot, the instep is altered using the heel provided with the modelshape.

It could be, for example, that to alter a 3cm instep to one of 9cm or 10cm, several turns are required. To complete this process, the bootmaker will of course make a new fitting model.

Sawing shoe-last


The sawing style of the shoe last will be chosen on demand. At present, we offer two types of sawing :

The traditional corner that frees up the measure via the instep.

The sawing “system”, which separates the shoe last into two parts using an oblique saw, from the base of the instep to the middle of the instep, thus freeing up the slipcase, followed by the forefoot.

Forme tournage bout non tourné

The un-rotated end

Achieving a shoe last with an ideal shoe requires hours of work.

For the bootmaker, this trouble may be prolonged by the moulding of an existing shape to the measurements of their client, but taking care not to finish the end. This surplus material will be used by the bootmaker to refashion a different aesthetic, but leaving the fit unchanged.

A client can have several types of ends, while at the same time retaining a feeling of comfort with all of their footwear.


The prototyping

Done in concert with the stylist, prototyping requires many hours of work and testing.

We'll answer your expectations by carrying out a study before accepting any project.